SAIC 005: How to get stuff done (Goal Setting)

Do you have dreams and passions but don’t seem to be able to gain traction?  I’ve been there, too!  This episode is about setting goals…not too glamorous, but this can change your future!  Setting smart goals will help us move closer and closer to making dreams a reality.  So many times we get overwhelmed with the idea of achieving the end result, but chipping away at it strategically will not only get you there faster, but it will keep you more sane!

Here are 3 things about setting goals you need to know:

  1. A goal needs to be measurable
  2. You need accountability (even if it’s with yourself)
  3. Start Small

This is something I believe in and practice myself.  I’ve created a weekly calendar just for my goals and I’d love for you to have it too!  Click here to get your free calendar!

I’d love to hear from you!  Let me know how you set your goals!  How many goals do you focus on each day?

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